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Vampire Blood Charm

Vampire Blood Charm

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Wether you want to get bitten or DON’T want to get bitten by a vampire, these charms
declare one strong statement.
“Respect me! For I do not fear you!”
Each is actually blessed for protection and there is a small amount of Holy Water mixed in. A perfect romantic gift for the Goth in your life!
  • Wrapped at neck with red copper
  • Strung with black hemp cord
  • Small glass vial filled with “vampire blood” and sealed with a glued cork
  • Each is blessed for protection
  • Contains a small amount of Holy Water
  • Creepy and fun

*3ml glass bottles with cork stopper sealed with clear super glue and filled with non-toxic (but
non-digestable) stage blood and actual Holy Water. Gift Boxes - 5 3⁄8” X 3 7⁄8” X 1” black matte
cardboard. Cord is black hemp. Weight under 1 ounce.

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