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Carlos Detres

The Anxiety of Love 2013 (8.5x11 Version)

The Anxiety of Love 2013 (8.5x11 Version)

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The Anxiety of Love 2013

Open Edition

“The Anxiety of Love” is about a fear I had of falling in love and then, one day, they’re gone. The creation of this pieced helped to allay the avalanche of anxiety and insomnia that plagued me for a year of excruciating anxiety. I often refer to this photograph as “my compass” because it reminds me of the importance of personal story, aesthetic and purpose.

There are details in this set for you to discover with repeat viewings of the print.

This unframed print is signed and reproduced on a heavy weighted 300GSM glossy luster photography paper.

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8.5x11 = $80
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18x24 = $300

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