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Octopus the Ten Year Anniversary Edition

Octopus the Ten Year Anniversary Edition

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The newly edited and updated version of my first book. Octopus is a collection of short stories that I used to refer to as my "4 Track Demo Tape". Polished and improved, this book even features a foreword by the extraordinary Poppy Z. Brite (Billy Martin)!

This book however is more than just a collection of stories. It contains poetry, lots of random weirdness, "echoes" and photography. The story themes are of the strange, the supernatural, the erotic and above all, the horrific.

Getting this as a gift or want it personalized? No problem! We have personalized inserts available to order in our books section. Simply message us how you would like it personalized!

We are very punk rock in our packaging and will probably throw in all kinds of little goodies as lagniappe!

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Feel free to message us about potentially faster shipping before ordering as that could possibly be arranged depending on your location and need. In rare circumstances we may even have one on hand. In which case Zombie will even bite it for you if you wish!

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