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Coffin Nail Necklace and Box

Coffin Nail Necklace and Box

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Coffin nails have long been used in many forms of magical use from European Witchcraft to Hoodoo and Voodoo. These practices use either nails actually used in burial (usually very rusty) or new nails that have never been buried but which arguably are equally powerful as symbols. The charms I make are made from new nails, styled after the antique nails that would have been used in burials. I chose this for an important reason. Aside from actual burial nails being difficult to procure, you can never be sure of the energy of the person they were buried with. Each nail is made of steel, which traditionally protects against evil alone, and is triple blessed by me for protection against harm and bad luck.

  • Comes in gift box sealed with wax seal and tied with a ribbon
  • Copper wire wrapping (Color may vary due to supply)
  • Comes on black hemp cord
  • Triple blessed for protection
  • Black gift box with interior white padding
  • Includes card with printed information about the charm
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