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Book Inserts and Signature - Combo

Book Inserts and Signature - Combo

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Normal letter sized envelope containing sticker insert(s) with original autograph(s) by the author(s)

Did you get a book from us and want it signed? No problem! We can make that happen! As our books come straight from the printer, we have no way to sign them directly unless you are lucky enough to run into one or both of us at a convention or screening, in which case we are happy to sign our books for you! However there is another option. You can order a signature insert sticker for your book! Book Inserts are sold separately. Want it personalized? No problem! Just send us a message and let us know how you want it personalized!

Combo! Free shipping Both signatures for $15 (Note: Will still come shipped separately) Includes VHS Rental style “Horror” sticker and a small thank you note from each of us! Will include other small surprises!

Comes with VHS Rental style “Horror” sticker and possibly other small surprises!

Shipping & Returns

BUYERS please be aware that all our items are hand made and done with care, and often with ceremony. Please allow time for creation and creativity when ordering. We try our best to be expedient while also maintaining the very best products we can offer. Thank you

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