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Authentic Large Voodoo Doll

Authentic Large Voodoo Doll

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Voodoo dolls have been bastardized by Hollywood since the movie, White Zombie in 1932. Truthfully they are used as an effigy to provide focus on the user's needs.
Authentically made from Southern live oak trees, Spanish moss, red clay, black cheese cloth, and iron nails.
This particular authentic Voodoo Doll features raccoon paws for hands (all animals were euthanized humanely from injuries incompatible with life - no animals were killed solely for the purpose of this art).
This poppet is 16 ½" inches tall and approximately 11" inches from paw tip to paw tip.

This doll has been blessed twice and is considered "art" but is capable of being used for good causes. The artist of the poppet severs all ties with the purchaser if they use it for mal intent.

The purpose of the nails through the mouth and eyes is to represent silencing the person in your life that has seen or said too much about you.

Includes two pins.  

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